48-Hour Express Ship Program

At Prime Design, we believe that great products should not mean long lead times. To that end, we are pleased to offer PrimeTime™, an express ship program for our most popular products and accessories. Whether you’ve just purchased a brand new work vehicle or your existing cargo storage and access equipment needs an upgrade, we’ve got product in-stock, ready to ship to you via a local distributor or dealer. After all, we understand that a fleet vehicle in-service, on the road, is key to a healthy bottom line for your fleet or business.

Get up and running faster or reduce downtime with PrimeTime™ – the industry’s fastest delivery option! Eligible orders ship within 48 hours (or sooner) of order receipt.

  • Modular ErgoRack®
    • ALL Modular Rack Models: Any model ending in “-M” or “-HM”


  • Modular AluRack®
    • ALL Modular Rack Models: AR-XXXX
    • ALL Modules: FBM-XXXX-BLK and AR-XXXX


  • Product Accessories
    • Conduit Carriers: CON-8004, CON-8005, and CON-8006
    • Rear Door Access Ladders: AAL-XXXX
    • AluRack Quick Clamps: AXC and ACX
    • Retractable Ratchet Tie Down: ACC-8000
    • Universal Strobe Light Holder: ASH-8033
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