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The rear access ladder, made of aluminum, can be fixed to the vehicle without drilling and thereby avoiding any damage to the bodywork. Additionally, this ladder can be re-used on the next vehicle of the same type.


Maintain vehicle warranty and resale value with no holes to drill.


Reduces injuries from climbing on wheel or bumper to access cargo.


Durable, lightweight anodized aluminum enhances vehicle’s professional image.

Vehicle Roof Height Wheelbase Ladder Length Number of Rungs Weight Model
Ford Transit 80″– Low All 54″ 5 16 lbs. AAL-8010
Ford Transit 94″– Medium All 72″ 7 18 lbs. AAL-8009
Ford Transit 103″– High All 78″ 7 19 lbs. AAL-8011
Mercedes Sprinter 99″– Standard All 66″ 6 16 lbs. AAL-8004 †
Mercedes Sprinter 111″– High All 78″ 7 18 lbs. AAL-8003 †
Nissan NV Cargo 84″– Low All 54″ 5 16 lbs. AAL-8013
Nissan NV Cargo 106″– High All 78″ 7 18 lbs. AAL-8014
RAM ProMaster 90″– Low All 72″ 7 17 lbs. AAL-8012
RAM ProMaster 101″– High All 78″ 7 18 lbs. AAL-8008
Chevrolet Express &
GMC Savana
84″– Low All 54″ 5 16 lbs. AAL-8015
Not available for 2006 and older Sprinters.



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