Q: I don’t see my vehicle listed on the site.

A: The vehicles on the site are the most common, high demand vehicles in the U.S. Market. Prime Design racks are very configurable and adaptable. In addition to the U.S., we have fitted racks to most vehicles in the European market and around the world. Contact a customer service representative to learn what is the right rack solution for you.

Q: I know what I want. How can I order a rack?

A: You can fill out the Request for Quote form and a customer service representative will contact you, or you can call us direct at 877-463-7225.

Q: How long will it take to get my rack?

A: Prime Design builds to order. Typically it takes about 2 weeks to manufacture, partially assemble, and ship a rack.

Q: Two weeks is too long to wait, I need a rack tomorrow. How can I get one faster?

A: Depending on what configuration you require, many of our dealers carry certain common models in stock. No waiting required. Check our Dealer Locator and contact a Dealer in your area direct.

Q: The ladder doesn’t come down and stow correctly or doesn’t rest correctly on the crossbar.

A: The ladder may be binding on the Z-Posts or the hydraulic cylinder flow control screw may not be open enough or completely closed. You will need to adjust the Z-Post position or open the hydraulic flow control screw ¼ turn clockwise. Repeat until the ladder glides down in 2-3 seconds.

Q: The ladder comes down with a bang.

A: The hydraulic cylinder flow control screw is too open. Turn the screw counter-clockwise ¼ turn and re-test. Repeat until the ladder glides down in 2-3 seconds.

Q: The ladder slides around or moves when stowed.

A: The Z-Posts and Auto-Clamps (and/or L-Posts, depending on your exact model configuration) are not adjusted correctly. You will need to adjust the Z-Posts so there is contact on both sides of the ladder and there is 50% engagement on the auto clamp (spring compressed half way.)