10 “Going Virtual” Tips and Tricks

How to Turn Surviving Into Thriving at Virtual Events

By: Chelsea Darley, Director of Marketing, Safe Fleet


In a world where the COVID-19 pandemic has pushed ‘pause’ on traditional in-person networking events, virtual counterparts have stepped in and taken their place. And while there has been a certain amount of adaptation necessary to thrive in virtual industry events, it can’t be denied that they have provided an unprecedented level of access to people interested in attending. Can’t travel? Not a problem – you can attend from anywhere that has Wi-Fi!

That being said, the learning curve for going virtual can be steep. Make the most of your time at these events with our list of Ten Going Virtual Tips and Tricks:


1 – Think LIVE.

Many virtual shows can be approached just like you would approach a LIVE show. While passing connections in the convention hall or catching up in the hotel lobby won’t be as common, the premise is similar.


2 – Have an Updated, Complete Virtual Profile.

This will help others to make a connection with you.


3 – What’s Your Draw?

Find a way to stand out from the noise! Short, quick bursts of content will work best in a virtual medium.


4 – Eliminate Distractions.

During the event, close other programs on your PC, silence your phone, inform family at home of your schedule, etc.


5 – Learn the Event Tool in Advance.

Virtual event platforms vary. Give yourself time to get acquainted.


6 – If Technology Isn’t Your Thing, ASK a Colleague For Help.

It’s nothing to be ashamed about!


7 –  Plan Your Day & Agenda.

Again, just like a LIVE event. Have defined objectives or goals for attending and make a plan that fits them.


8 –  Attend With Others.

Bringing a friend helps to foster learning and accountability.


9 – Take Plenty of Breaks.

Plan windows of time to stand up, stretch, walk around, or have a snack.


10 –  Connect. Have Fun!

Virtual events are blazing a new trail for many of us. Take pride in being part of history in the making!