How-To: ErgoRack Rotation Adjustment

How-To: ErgoRack Rotation Adjustment

Affects racks with modules FEA-0002, FEA-0015, and/or FEA-0016

If you’re setting up a new ErgoRack for the first time, switching out ladders, or experiencing rattling/vibration, you’ll need to perform a rotation adjustment.

This adjustment is quick, easy, and can be performed by one person with minimal equipment.

Here’s what you’ll need:

To begin, loosen the 10mm bolt underneath the L-Post. Use the L-Post to push the Auto Clamp to a vertical position.

Once the L-Post has been positioned, tighten the 10mm bolt underneath the L-Post.

Setting the L-Post & Auto Clamp

Open the Z-Post spacing. This will prevent the ladder from binding during the adjustment process.

Pro Tip: Tighten only 1 nut at this step. You’ll need to loosen and move this again before you’re done!

Deploy the rack and load the ladder, then stow it to make the final adjustments.

Loosen the nut to set the finger height on the Auto Clamp.

Tighten the nuts.

Loosen the Z-Post nuts, then push the Z-Post against the ladder and engage the Auto Clamp.

Tighten the nuts, and you’re all set!

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