Design makes a difference.

And successful fleets improve safety, efficiency, and bottom lines by investing in products crafted to reduce operator stress, fatigue, and the risk of work-related injuries.

Those fleets trust in Prime Design for ergonomic ladder racks, shelving, and partitions customized to their vehicles’ specs.

The results?

Maximized vehicle storage capabilities, improvements in employee morale and overall health, and decreased downtime, injury rates, and worker’s compensation.

Take advantage of our customized, ergonomically designed fleet solutions by consulting a Trusted Fleet Safety Expert now.

How the Prime Design Process Works

Client Audit & Assessment
Solution Development
Product Delivery & Upfit
Post Installation Evaluation
Lifetime Support

Meet the Team

Trusted Fleet Safety Experts guide your journey with us from start to finish. Meet the team members you’ll consult with at multiple touchpoints:

Bob Dakin

Director of Strategic Account Sales
OEM & Last Mile
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Scott Blair

Strategic Account Manager
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Larry Bertrand

Strategic Account Manager
651-552-8554 Mobile: 254-396-9551
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Kate McCune

Strategic Account Manager
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James Henry

Strategic Account Coordinator
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Sonny George

Strategic Account Specialist
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Power of the Platform

Harness the power of the platform with Prime Design and the full suite of Safe Fleet brands to safeguard every angle of your fleet vehicles.

Trusted Fleet Safety Experts

You’ll receive the white glove treatment that we’re known for, from attentive account handling, product recommendations, and project management, to lifetime support post-installation.

Customized Solutions

It’s never one-size-fits-all when it comes to fleet vehicles, so your solutions should follow suit. Bring us your vehicles and their unique needs, and we’ll formulate solutions that address each specific pain point.

Safety Solutions for Your Fleet

Take your fleet’s safety standards to the next level, no matter what the vehicle type is.

Protect your business, workers, and the public with the right suite of solutions; maximize storage, ensure prompt deliveries, reduce driver fatigue, safely transport equipment and materials, prevent cargo shifting, minimize accidents, and ensure worker’s well-being while operating heavy ladders and equipment.

Power, Light, & Gas

Organize/transport/properly store equipment, safely store/deploy/stow heavy ladders, and improve safety in and around a work site.

Telecom & Cable

Safely transport and store heavy ladders and equipment, safely deploy/stow heavy ladders onto roof racks, and improve the safety in and around a work site.

HVAC, Contractor, & Trades

Transport and store tools and materials, safely store/deploy/stow heavy ladders, separate cargo and cab areas.

Final Mile

Maximize cargo space, promote organization, ensure prompt deliveries, and efficiently run routes.

Pest Control

Safely transport equipment, maximize cargo space, and safely contain potentially hazardous materials.

Facilities and General Use

Maximize cargo space, store or transport equipment, improve organization, separate cargo and cab areas, and safely deploy/stow heavy ladders onto roof racks.

A powerhouse manufacturer approached us for guidance regarding access to a flatbed body for one of their key end user fleet customers and a large Fleet Mgmt. Co. Safe Fleet’s Experts directed them to a Bustin grab handle and a step with 3 points of contact that ensured safe ingress/egress, thus providing counsel for the manufacturer, and mitigating potential injury & liability concerns for their customers.

When the covering solution for a Large National Leasing Fleet became unusable due to high maintenance costs, downtime, and safety issues, Roll•Rite was approached for a replacement. After the installation and evaluation of their Roll•Rite Single Cable Super Slider (SCSS) prototypes, the Large National Leasing Fleet also placed an order for Roll•Rite’s Side-to-Side (STS) prototype, which is currently under development.

In the case of Nissan, a safety partition for its subcompact SUV, the Kicks, was needed. Our Trusted Fleet Safety Experts were able to design a solution that created the safety barrier between the cargo space and the driver, while being anchored to the factory mounting points to allow for the safest installation possible.