Installing a ladder rack onto your Full Size – Open Bed Pickup is essential for transporting equipment and maintaining high productivity.

But installing an award-winning, ergonomically designed, patented Prime Design Ladder Rack solution not only improves carrying capabilities and efficiency; it also lowers injury risks and worker’s compensation claims while eliminating the costs, stress, downtime, and business pressures associated with work-related injuries.

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It’s simple math: Healthy Workers + Thoughtfully Made Equipment = an Efficient Workplace.

ErgoRack eliminates the strain from unloading and stowing heavy ladders onto work vehicles.

This regularly performed operation can get cumbersome, especially when factoring in ladder weights, ladder lengths, operator body types, and vehicle heights. Quite often, a worker takes the unnecessary risk of climbing on a vehicle’s tire or bumper to complete this task.

Prime Design took an ergonomic approach to create a solution that puts work ladders at easily accessible heights, allows for smooth and controlled movements without placing undue stress on the user’s body, and enables deployment or stowage in seconds!


Take workers out of harm’s way when stowing and unloading heavy ladders from a vehicle’s rear with the ergonomically designed DeployPro™.

Mounting to ErgoRack’s crossbars, Deploy Pro eliminates the dangers of having to work in oncoming traffic, climbing on bumpers or tires for accessibility, and muscle strains when deploying or loading ladders from behind a vehicle.

As with all Prime Design products, Deploy Pro was designed with an operator’s well-being in mind and creating safer, more productive work environments.