Easily rotate a ladder from the stowed position to the deployed position

  • Ergonomic design for improved safety and ease of use
  • Designed to move ladders up to 75 lbs.
  • Hydraulic cylinder provides controlled ladder movement
  • Deployed ladders are at a comfortable height and distance from the vehicle
  • Durable padded and powder-coated surfaces protect ladders for long service life

Horizontal Deployed Position

Good ergonomic positioning makes operation easy, reduces body stress, accidents and injuries. The deployed ladder is horizontal to the ground and at a height that is easy to remove and carry away.

Smooth and Controlled Movements

The hydraulic cylinder provides smooth, controlled ladder deployment and stowage. Cylinder is adjustable to accommodate ladders of different sizes, weight, and seasonal temperature changes.

Auto Clamps

Standard feature automatically secures ladders without additional straps or climbing on the vehicle. Safe for the operator, and safe for driving.

Ladder Protection

Durable, fully padded rubber contact surfaces protect ladders for long service life.

No Rust

Durable powder coated aluminum keeps your vehicle looking professional.

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