Lightweight, Safe and Easy

Prime Design has been the industry’s ergonomic leader since 1992, when we first introduced the concept of an ergonomic ladder rack.

Our design philosophy starts with the worker – how can we make the job safer, easier and more comfortable for the human body? That is because we firmly believe that a product’s design and how it impacts the user is every bit as important as the quality of materials and construction.

The ErgoRack was designed to reduce muscle stress, eliminate risk of injury and speed the job of loading and unloading ladders from a work van.

Easy to use

Deploys with only 2 fingers

Reduce Injuries

Eliminates slip and fall hazards from climbing on bumper or tire

Improve Productivity

Deploy or stow in less than 20 seconds

Safe Operation

Feet stay safely on the ground.

Reduce Back Strain

Reduce back and muscle strain from improper loading.

Smooth Operation

Hydraulic cylinder provides smoothest, controlled descent of any rack in the industry.


Maintain vehicle warranty and resale value with no holes to drill.


Winner of ergonomic awards in USA, France, Germany, and Australia.

ErgoRack Models – Chevrolet City Express

Modular (-M) and Hybrid Modular (-HM) are available depending on configuration.

Contact Sales and Service for more information.

Model Vehicle Wheelbase Vehicle Height
Streetside Feature
Curbside Feature
Weight Technical Downloads
VBB-CE 115 IN Standard End Stop End Stop 27 lbs VBB-CE-M
VBC-CE 115 IN Standard End Stop Clamp 42 lbs VBC-CE-M
VCB-CE 115 IN Standard Clamp End Stop 42 lbs VCB-CE-M
VCC-CE 115 IN Standard Clamp Clamp 57 lbs VCC-CE-M
VBR-CE 115 IN Standard End Stop Rotation 69 lbs VBR-CE-M
VRB-CE 115 IN Standard Rotation End Stop 69 lbs VRB-CE-M
VCR-CE 115 IN Standard Clamp Rotation 84 lbs VCR-CE-M
VRC-CE 115 IN Standard Rotation Clamp 84 lbs VRC-CE-M
VRR-CE 115 IN Standard Rotation Rotation 112 lbs VRR-CE-M

Crossbars can be spaced at five or six feet. Contact Prime Design customer service for application specific questions. Check the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendation for roof capacity weight limits. A wide range of accessories are available including conduit carriers, lighting mounts, and more.

Van Crossbar Spacing and Ladder Size Guide
Crossbar Spacing Step Ladder Size Extension Ladder Size
5 ft spacing 8 – 10 ft. 16 – 24 ft.
6 ft spacing 8 – 12 ft.* 16 – 28 ft.

*12 ft. step ladders may require an extended upper add-on component

ErgoRack OverviewModified Date: January 18, 2018Filesize: 5,273kB
Clamp Down Quick Start GuideModified Date: January 18, 2018Filesize: 5,119kB
Rotation Quick Start GuideModified Date: January 18, 2018Filesize: 5,006kB
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