Tackle any job with the full-size cargo van and a Prime Design customized ladder rack

Transport more tools, keep productivity high and lower the risk of injuries and worker compensation claims by installing the right ladder-rack solution on your GMC Savana. Prime Design’s ergonomic, patented and award-winning solutions have helped business owners around the world eliminate or reduce the costs, stress and business pressures caused by work-related injuries.

Click here to see how Prime Design’s ErgoRack and AluRack look on GMC Savana vans.

Then select the solution and configurations to fit your business need.

Ergonomics, worker safety and productivity all come together with Prime Design’s ErgoRack.

The ErgoRack design:

  • Reduces muscle stress and strain
  • Loads and unloads ladders in seconds
  • Secures ladders automatically
  • Eliminates risk of injury caused by climbing on the bumper or tire
  • Has received ergonomic awards in the USA, France, Germany and Australia

Watch the video to see how quickly and easily the ErgoRack helps move ladders off and onto van roofs.

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It’s S.M.A.R.T! Simply the Most Advanced Rack Technology

Designed to fit within the narrow dimensions of a rail car when installed on your work van, this innovation is the industry’s only ladder rack for safe and productive fleets that incorporates true “ship-thru” installation and delivery technology.

The design shifts installation from delivering dealership to original up-fitter for:

  • Consistent, professional, quality installations,
  • Quicker delivery, and
  • Reduced costs

Watch the Installation Advantage of the ErgoRack Low Profile in this video.

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Load bulky sheets of plywood, drywall, pipe and even weekend toys with ease using the industry’s original rolling bar.

The AluRack design:

  • Makes loading and unloading objects from behind the vehicle manageable and safe
  • Reduce risk of injury caused by climbing on the bumper or tire
  • Fits every type of vehicle

See how AluRack’s versatility can enhance your work van experience.

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